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Air Cleaning:

The F3 and K8 both received an air cleaner for the crankcase breather . This consisted of a plastic housing with a filter element. Crankcase gasses were routed to the breather through its air cleaner and then back to the airbox (intake air cleaner housing). The breather is located behind the left sidecover, underneath the rectifier.


main jets #115 on the K7 down to #110 on the K8, mains 110 on the F2, down to #105 on the F3
float height 12.5mm on the K7, 14.5mm on the K8, F2 & F3 (odd, isn't it!)


Primary reduction ratio 1.708 on the K7 & F2 upped to 1.986 on the K8 & F3

Credits: Greg Smith

Owner Rene van Maanen

Creation date November 1st 1998