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The K2 was launched in januari 1972, and started with framenumber -CB750 2000001- and enginenumbers -CB750E 2000001-. It was sold in Europe until the K6 was launched, in June 1976. Models K3, K4 and K5 have never been released in Europe. The K2 was a minor cosmetic update of its predecessor with only detail changes and a new paint code differentiating the two. The instument panel now featured a small center console housing the warning lamps, and the fork shrouds/headlamp brackets were chromium plated instead of having the earlier painted finish. Initial Indicator Lamps in Meters K2-and-on Centre Console with Indicator Lamps
K2-and-on Chrome Brackets Painted Brackets The new paint colour was Candy Gold Custom (paint code LX). A small compartment beneath the dual seat held the owners handbook plus any other documents that the owner wished to carry, along with helmet hooks. The seat could now be locked for security. Minor changes on the K2 were as follows: A new brake pedal was fitted, identifiable by a small stop on its inner face. The rear wheel sprocket was secured by nuts and studs, rather than bolts, to its carrier. New handlebar switches were fitted, the left-handed component incorporating a small button which cancelled the newly installed turn signal bleeper. The handle bar clamps were replaced by the one-piece unit incorporating the warninglamps mentioned above.
Release Schedule 750 Models
Owner Rene van Maanen

Creation date November 1st 1998