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There is a tremendous mailinglist for Honda SOHC/4 Motorcycles. The listkeeper is Glenn Stauffer. Information on this list can be found at SOHC/4 Main Page.!
I have created a list of salvage yards in the Netherlands. I have no commercial relationship with these people, except for the fact that I buy some parts in their shops every now and then. Dutch Salvage Yards.!
These are the friendly K2 owners all over the world who are available for any question regarding K2's: John Harris, Glenn Haldeman, Nicholas Bond, Johan Spaan, Larry Smolenski,Lars Falk, Mikael & Helene Abrahamsson, Peter & Sara Freund, PGT, Randall Koral, Stephane Torossian and Rene van Maanen
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Owner Rene van Maanen

Creation date November 1st 1998